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Fund Syndication

Fund- raising is a specialized area, where need of the client has to be understood and a right framework to the transaction is provided. Post finalization of the transaction the deal has to be tendered to various financial institutions including Banks, NBFCs

Value Creation

Corporates may face different challenges during growth or after growth to manage the different areas which are new due to the increased level of operation. Some of the challenges include Vendor or Debtors Management

Virtual CFOs

Start-ups and SMEs generally havet constraints and refrain from keeping full time experienced finance professionals, which may cause a serious challenge in their financial decision making and may have impact on growth strategies.

Mergers, Acquisitions & JVs

M & As and JVs can be inancial, technical, organic or inorganic and also may include forward or reverse mergers. These transactions requirewide networking skill locally and internationally.

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